Sometimes when you look into the Abyss; the Abyss looks back at you.

In my history, often there are women who were fascinated withe the Tarot … and astrology in general. Some of them were very talented – adding insight where other just recited “Love Signs”

Sometimes the cards reveals a secret truth – in an uncanny way. Sometimes things would happen: the temperature would change or the tone of the room would change – like someone entered or exited. The best readings were from those witches who understood that they were a conduit, a proxy.

When I think about colors of witches energies, often I arrive at these cerulean blue hues – the color of energy itself. Which is funny because tradition teaches us that the colors for the feminine are bluish hues (energy and creation) … and the chroma for the masculine are reddish (passion and destruction.)

In our modern times, we seem to have this reversed.