Whether you’re aware of it … or not, we all jump out of our body when we sleep. If you’re a lucid dreamer like me, you are aware of it. But for most, it is most obvious when you are flying in your dream. Have no worries, when you’re out roaming, you are connected to your physical body through a thin silvery tether.

Years ago when I was in graduate school, the girlfriend and I were enjoying a peaceful Sunday in our loft in Brooklyn (… in the church at the corner of President and Court Street.) The phone rang (this was well before personal cell phones) and her friend who was a gay flight attendant said that he popped over for a visit. She knew that he could project Astrally – but this seemed kinda a stretch. So, she puts him on the speaker and he repeats back to us EVERYTHING that happened in our apartment in the past hour:

  • that I sat in the red bean bag near the books shelf
  • that she was sitting at the table by the outside deck drinking her chamomile tea
  • that that wasn’t the first cup – that she dropped and broke the first on in the kitchen
  • that he liked my paintings – especially the one of Dionysus that hung at the end of the apartment

He was from California – and he had never come to our apartment.

Another girlfriend was learning to Astrally project herself. One night I am sitting in bed drawing … and from a seemingly dead sleep she jumps about 5 feet in the air, passed the bottom of our queen bed … and slams into the far wall. Stunned, she said, “OMG I couldn’t get back fast enough.”