Art that resides in your peripheral; providing serenity and calmness in a demanding world of eyecandy.

Our First Collection ~ ghostd

Visual Ambient’s initial collection are film loops within beautiful graveyards which fills your space with an alternative, endless atmosphere.
The Visual Ambient app is available exclusively in the  Apple TV App Store.

How to Use



Visual Ambient runs on an AppleTV 4k.

While you my have an AppleTV app on your home device, you’ll need an actual Apple TV 4K “box” to run it!



In your AppleTV 4k , in the App Store app:

  1. Search for “Visual Ambient”
  2. Select the application from the search results list
  3. Click Install

Using the App

When you use your remote control to open the app, you will find a list of thumbnails of content.

Simply select one that you find interesting. The content will play in an endless, repeating loop until you click the back button or the main select button.

There is no music or audio track – it is simply an endless film loop to keep running.  Please note, if you have a screen saver set, the app disables it while it is running.