The grass is always greener. There Is always a better deal. What is around the next corner. Swipe left.

Sometimes, that is true. Sometimes it is that rush of acceptance (the fodder for 1,000 of pop songs.)

But sometimes those opportunities lead to regret. And what one once had “yesterday” cannot be captured again …

Step right upStep right upStep right upEveryone’s a winnerBargains galoreThat’s right you too can be the proud owner ofThe quality goes in before the name goes on
One tenth of a dollarOne tenth of a dollarWe got service after the sale
How ’bout perfumeWe got perfumeHow ’bout an engagement ring
Somethin’ for the little ladySomethin’ for the little ladySomethin’ for the little lady
3 for a dollar
We got a year end clearanceWe got our white sale on a smoke damaged furnitureYou can drive it away today.
– Mr Tom Waits