Looking for captivating forms, I came across this motherboard from https://inforesheniya.ru.

I think that this depicts a BlackBerry – but I can’t be sure. Like 0000-0101/0000-0110 couplet, the 0000-1000 was primed at the same time, in the same way as the 0000-1111. Here my focus was on magnifying smaller boards.

The surrounding whitespace serves more like a mask containing energy rather than expressing it. While earlier boards are modern ports in my mind, mobile boards brings to mind barges of information. From above, the 0000-1000 seems like an industrial park.

This idea was reinforced by the recent Blade Runner 2049 movie. I put down the support on the day that I went to see the film. A beautiful scene sees us traveling over a future LA where warehouses are packed so tight, avenues are simple threads of space.

The density of construction reminded me of Venice; how much commerce and industry recreate the same structures in different ages.