The second of the larger series, 0000-0010 is inspired from a Foxconn A8D i (A74GA) 770 motherboard DDR3.

Painted several weeks after 0000-0001, I wanted to explore a looser landscape paired with a tighter array of constructed elements. During the painting, I remember staying at a Hyatt while I worked with a tech start-up in Kolkata, India. From my upper floor window, the view provided an unobstructed look into the life of the people living in shacks on the other side of the hotel walls.

In this piece, I want to remember this disparity. The walled architecture restrains / protects the robust, yellow fountain. We enter through the top gates and are surrounded by a modern day fort. To the left of the complex, we see lush gardens – but our perspective blinds us to the realities therein.