About John Zavocki

John Zavocki has been merging art and technology since the late 80s, his early days of college.

His diverse abilities have lead him to paint in Tuscany, develop applications for telecom behemoths, teach web design to college students, construct multimedia installations for the fragrance industry, build websites for rock stars, and reduce frustration for global scientists.

– My standard Linkedin bio

Making art has always been natural to me.

Not effortless, but natural.

Most often, the Muses grant me a vision: a pattern, an understanding of form, the totality of a truth … that is the best way I can explain it. These messages appear fully formed in my mind – as a kind of second sight.

When I receive one, I try to document them as fast as I can – even as a thumbnail sketch. This record preserves the memory … even decades later.

Sometimes these visions make sense of the past. Most times they predict a moment of future. Some are a culmination of an archetype; an eternal moment of infinite return. Others are a fabrication that I have yet to understand.

Until recently, oil on canvas has been the preferred way I’ve found to capture these expressions. However, the medium, state of the art 500 years ago, has always left me wanting. When I first got my hands on an Amiga, back in ’87, it was pretty obvious this was the medium for these expressions.

Now, my iPad has eclipsed all previous tools. I can get closer to the delivered message faster, easier with far more enjoyment. Also, I get to play with reckless abandoned (my favorite thing to do) without the cost of losing a moment to circumstance.