‘2-22 schema (lilith)’


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I had a vision of “Lilith”, Adam’s first wife, in one of my dreams. At first I thought she was Kali – when, when she came closer, I realized it was her: angry, resentful, full of passion and dominance. She was walking like this – hands in the soil – in a very bizarre way. When she looked at me, I froze. She laughed with blood stained lips … and continued on her way.

sche·ma| ˈskēmə | noun (plural schemata | -mətə | or schemas) technicala representation of a plan or theory in the form of an outline or model: a schema of scientific reasoning. Logic a syllogistic figure. (in Kantian philosophy) a conception of what is common to all members of a class; a general or essential type or form.

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