Inspired by Diebenkorn and Silicon Valley

When I was barely a teenager, my amazing parents bought me a 64k Color Computer from Radio Shack. We got home and my father hooked it up to an unused Zenith.

From the color of the TV (tuned to a dead channel), a new landscape emerged.

Motoring through the BASIC manual, I was hooked. I spent the summer coding a lunar landing game from the pages of  CoCo Magazine. Without a doubt, I met my first typo.

We are surrounded by motherboards. You have one or two on your person right now. They have evolved from backplanes connecting printed components to incredibly dense layer cakes absorbing peripherals and solid state drives. Everytime I touch my iPhone, I am keenly aware that this device is a gagillion times more powerful than what first took us into space.

If I am essentially energy floating in water, how close am I to these integrated circuit boards? Was Diebenkorn as inspired by the Bay Area developers as I am by Silicon Valley’s?

In my mind, I imagine information moving, spliced into arrays, and converted into formats. This current series is a manfestation of those internal processes

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